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Waiting for the Autumnal Equinox

You don't really have to wait to visit any place you desire to explore. Most destinations on Earth look the same as if the seasons don't affect them, while some areas are affected by the seasons and change but still look beautiful year-round. Gros Morne National Park on the West Coast of Newfoundland is one of those places that changes throughout the year and maintains its beauty all year long, but there is a particular season where it comes alive. During the fall, right after the autumn equinox, the trees turn colors you've never seen before, and the landscape is truly highlighted. They'll mesmerize you so much you won't remember how long you've been looking at them or how long you've been walking through the park.

Explore Any Way You Choose

Traveling to the park is a no-brainer. You can fly there from all over the world.

There's Deer Lake Regional Airport, located about 30 miles away from the park, and St. John's International Airport on the east side of the island. There are bus services that can take you to Gros Morne from either one.

If you're coming from mainland Canada and don't want to fly, you can take a car ferry, but it takes about four hours to drive from the port to the southern tip of the park. Either way, it is strongly recommended to book ferries, flights, and accommodation well in advance.

Once you get to Newfoundland, you can access Gros Morne any way you choose. You can choose from driving through the park, taking hikes through the tons of trails, taking a guided boat tour, or taking a kayak.

You can also choose to set up camp in the park if you don't want to lodge in outside villages. The park's operating season is from mid-May to mid-October and is opened seven days a week.

There are some activities in the winter months, but they are open at a limited capacity. The summer months are usually packed due to the great weather, leaving the fall as the best choice, as it is the most peaceful period and the most beautiful.

Four Treks Will Give You Something Different But All The Same Colors

Four treks will allow you to really experience the sites and the vibrant colors. Be warned; they are not for the faint-hearted or the acrophobic.

Hiking Gros Morne Mountain will surely give you a run for your money, but it's so worth it once you get to the top. Not only will the views astound you, but also climbing to the top will make you feel like you're the only person in the park and possibly the world.

Look Out Trail will take you through the colorful forests and delivery you to the top, where the coveted red chairs offer you a place where you can rest and look out at the view of the whole park.

For a rockier terrain, take a hike of the Tablelands, a 1000-foot rock formation of the Earth's mantle that broke out millions of years ago during a tectonic plate collision. This one is by far the most treacherous because there are no paths to lead your way or any marked routes.

From the highest point, though, you'll see all of the painted trees and the blue sea. The last trail, Green Gardens, is the complete opposite with its luscious waterways, waterfalls, and views of the sea through the forests.

Whichever trail you choose (you might even want to do all of them), you get to see some of the best views in the world. Visiting in the fall is so peaceful and will make you feel like the only person on Earth.

Have you taken a relaxing walk through the reds, yellows, and greens?


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