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Travel Planning Fees

Better Kate Than Never Adventures custom curates all itineraries based on client needs and wishes. Due to the amount of time allocated to the customization of each proposal, there is a planning fee due prior to a proposal being compiled, created and/or presented.  All planning fees are non-refundable, regardless of trip outcome. 


My planning fee compensates me for the work I do on behalf of you, the client. All of the time spent researching destinations, compiling quotes, confirmation of reservations, reading all the terms and conditions, as well as my years of expertise, are all things I do that are specific to the individual trip. 

By charging a fee, I can dedicate the necessary time and expertise to curate personalized itineraries and provide exceptional service without having to be concerned with what ends up in my pocket. This fee is reflective of the value and peace of mind I bring to the table, ultimately saving you time, effort, and potential challenges during the travel planning process.

Referral Program

$50 off the referrer's next planning fee for every referral that pays their own planning fee.

Referral discounts are stackable and could result in a waived planning fee.


Referral discounts will only apply the first time the referred traveler pays their fee. The discount is dependent on the referred traveler disclosing the source of the referral.

Individual Travel

For one or two rooms or cabins traveling together

  • Cruise-only: $150 per cabin

  • Standard Fees: $300 per room per country

    • Includes: Cruise with land portion, Disney vacations, and Fully Independent Travel (FIT)​

    • Cruise with land is considered one country, even if the ship docks in multiple countries

  • Flights not booked within a package: $100 per booking number

    • If you're all traveling together on the same reservation, that's one booking number​

    • If two are you are flying from Kalamazoo and two are flying from Albuquerque, that's two booking numbers

Group Travel

Greater than three rooms or cabins traveling on one itinerary

  • Itinerary development: $500 

    • Includes booking fee for lead guest​

  • Booking fee: $100 for each accommodation unit that books into that itinerary 

    • If accommodation units aren't traveling on the same itinerary, they are each considered individual travelers, even if parts of their itineraries overlap.​

Honeymoon Planning

  • Itinerary planning standard fee same as Individual Travel

  • Honeymoon registry administration: $500

    • Paid after the honeymoon itinerary is approved​


Just a heads-up: links on this site may be affiliate links. Clicking them will definitely get me a metaphorical high-five, and may also get me a couple dollars, even though the price is the same for you. Thanks for that.

Let me explain how travel advisors are usually paid for booking travel. Some suppliers, but not all, will pay a small commission to the travel advisor who made the booking after travel has completed. In the case of cruises that's sometimes after your final payment is made. That means if you cancel, or choose not to have me make your booking, I will not be compensated with a commission. Some suppliers don't compensate advisors at all- airfare, for example, almost never comes with a commission. It's one of the reasons I charge a fee- I don't have to worry about who pays what and when as I compile your journey. I can book things directly, usually with better terms, instead of finding a supplier that offers what we want with a commission attached.

My promise to you is that I will always make choices based on what's best for you, my client, rather than what's best for my pocket. That goes for affiliate links, products and services, and journey elements. There's plenty of money to go around- and I prefer radical transparency. 

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