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Why You Should Visit Tiya, Ethiopia

South of Addis Ababa lies the town of Tiya in Central Ethiopia. Out of around 160 archaeological sites discovered in the region, Tiya is one of the most important. The site contains 36 monuments with text that is yet to be deciphered. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit Tiya. The monuments are only a small part of what you can see in Ethiopia, and that's why I've put together this article. Here are three reasons why you should plan a visit to Ethiopia!

Spectacular Landscape

Ethiopia is filled with breathtaking natural scenery. From its mountains and valleys to vast areas with lush greenery, the landscape in Ethiopia is sure to satisfy most nature lovers.

One of the most special places in Ethiopia is the Blue Nile Falls. This beautiful waterfall drops 150 feet and has been given the name 'Tis Abay, ' which translates to "Great Smoke." The name comes from the misty haze that the waterfall produces as it drops.

This one is for all the hikers out there; Ethiopia is also home to 70% of mountains on the African continent. Suppose you're looking for a new hiking experience and haven't been to Africa yet. In that case, Ethiopia might be the perfect destination for you.

Great Wildlife

The continent of Africa is known for its diverse wildlife, and Ethiopia boasts some of the most unique wildlife in Africa.

One of the animals you can find in Ethiopia is the Gelada baboon, one of the rarest apes in the world.

You'll also find lesser-known rare animals like the Ethiopian wolf, Mountain nyala, and the Walia ibex.

However, Ethiopia isn't just home to many animals but hundreds of bird species. There are around 850 bird species in Ethiopia, making it a birdwatcher's paradise. Some of the beautiful birds you can spot are the White-cheeked turaco, Ruspoli's turaco, Abyssinian Woodpecker, and Black-winged lovebird.

Delicious and Diverse Food

Most people that haven't visited Ethiopia wouldn't have had the chance to experience authentic Ethiopian cuisine. With over 80 different ethnic groups, the cuisine in Ethiopia is not only diverse but extensive.

Packed with flavors, there's a wide array of Ethiopian dishes that you can't miss. With those dishes, you can surely expect to find some 'Injera.' Injera is a fermented flatbread that's a little sour, and it's the staple in Ethiopia.

You can find plenty of meat in Ethiopia as well as many vegetable dishes. In Ethiopia, a popular dish is Doro Wot — Wot is Ethiopia's version of curry, and Doro is chicken. However, you can also find versions with lamb and beef. Injera is also the companion that goes along with any good Doro Wot.

Apart from having delicious food, Ethiopia is also home to some of the best blends of coffee in the world. If you're used to starting your day with a cup of coffee, you should try some of the coffee you find in Ethiopia. There's a traditional festival in Ethiopia known as the Ethiopian coffee ceremony — where groups of people come together to socialize and enjoy a cup of coffee together.

These are only a few reasons why you should visit Ethiopia; writing about them doesn't do it any justice. Ethiopia is a country that you have to see on your own to experience how great it truly is. If any of these reasons piqued your interest, contact us, and we'll plan a trip to Ethiopia for you!

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