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An Untouched Habitat at Lord Howe Island

If you want to travel to a cluster of isolated islands but don't want it to be like something out of Lost or Cast Away, Lord Howe Island Group is the place to go. The Islands aren't just home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They offer a safe habitat for some of the rarest birds and other species that won't ever be featured at your local zoo. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Lord Howe Island Group is one of those hidden gems with so much to show you.

You Can Become One With The Habitat.

In exploring Lord Howe Island Group, you'll find that it has a very unique ecosystem that takes on a life of its own. Its plants and animals are one entity and exist harmoniously, and you can come and be a part of it too.

While the islands are home to different types of threatened species, like the Lord Howe Island Phasmid (the world's largest stick insect), they are also home to some of the most fascinating birds. There is the endemic Lord Howe Woodhen, which was once the rarest birds on the planet, the Lord Howe Island Silvereye, Sooty Terns, Masked-eye Boobies, and tons of colonies of nesting seabirds. Be sure to watch out for Wedge-tailed Shearwaters nests if you hike up Blackburn Island, better known as Rabbit Island.

You can also experience the island's habitat at Upper Settlement Beach, where you can spy on the sea turtles or feed the fish that swim right up to you at Ned's Beach. Either way, you'll come across some of the island's genuinely spectacular species one way or another during your stay.

The Landscape Is Practically Untouched.

There are only about 300 residents, and only 400 visitors are allowed on the property at one time to preserve the island's ecosystem. This ensures that the endangered species are kept safe, and the ecological footprint does not affect them or the island. In other words, most of what you see is untouched.

There are tons to see and do that won't harm the islands, like taking boat tours, going kayaking, hiking, diving, or going snorkeling to see the most southern pristine coral reefs in the world. Where ever you explore, there is an impeccable view of something- whether it's Ball's Pyramid, Mt. Gower, or the Admiralty Islands, where you can see some of the most beautiful sea caves and sea arches that rival Durdle Door.

In your exploration, it'll feel like you're the only person on the planet who just discovered their own private islands. If the cute birds don't worm their way into your heart and make you want to stay forever, the views definitely will. So will you take the chance and explore Lord Howe Island Group?


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