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Is An All-Inclusive For You?

No one wants to worry about looking at the long bill they accumulated while on vacation when they get back home. Sometimes a vacation is needed after your vacation! You don't want to have to be paying for your bar bill during the last couple of days before you go back to work. To help prevent all the headaches, you can choose to have an "all-inclusive" vacation to take the worry out of your good time. One of the most prominent terms in travel advisory is "all-inclusive," and they aren't just for hotels.

Where The Term Came From

The whole point of an all-inclusive is not worrying about paying for anything while you're having a good time. It originally started in Caribbean chain hotels, but it eventually started to branch out worldwide and has become a competition between some resorts and hotels.

Some people either hate them or love them. Depending on what kind of vacation you're doing, all-inclusive could mean different things.

All-Inclusive River Cruises

First, you need to decide whether an all-inclusive river cruise is something for you. Do you want to think about things like tipping porters and waiters when you're jumping on and off a cruise?

It's important to note that river cruises will either have everyone in the same boat (literally) on an all-inclusive scheme or not at all. None have some vacationers on and off at the same time. So when you see that something is all-inclusive, you can't opt out because you don't drink a lot or don't want to use the spa.

The second thing to understand is that they can be costlier than non-inclusive river cruises. Still, you have to remember that you're getting a higher service, plus the guarantee of a stress-free vacation. Everything is planned out for you and included in the price. That means your drinks, food, excursions, and even some other activities are all included in the fixed price.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Sometimes a resort's all-inclusive package can be disappointing. From lousy food to watered-down drinks, it can be a garbage experience. Many times though, resorts that choose to have all-inclusive packages do not fall short on anything.

Usually, an all-inclusive resort will have everything from the room to the food, drinks, and activities set within the resort grounds as part of the rate collectively. Inclusions can vary from place to place, though. You do have to be careful and do your research as sometimes not everything will be included, like golf courses and spas.

Another thing to remember is that sometimes tipping is not included in all-inclusive resorts, unlike all-inclusive river cruises.

It all boils down to whether or not you want to have any hidden surprises that might take away from the experience or if you want to know exactly where your money is going. There are many variables to consider, but the one person to guide you through it all is your travel advisor. Don't hesitate to ask!


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