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Traveling the World with Special Needs

Whether you have mobility, vision, or hearing impairments, or any other disability, that shouldn't allow you to believe that you can't explore the world. People with disabilities should not think that they can't travel because their disability will hold them back. One of the most significant innovations in the travel industry is helping disabled people achieve their dreams to do the unthinkable. So don't be afraid, anyone can go ziplining or climb mountains.

There Are Virtually No Obstacles

61 million people are living with all kinds of disabilities in America. The highest percentage has mobility issues.No matter what type of disability you have, it should not stop you from having a nice vacation. Out of that, 61 million people, 25 million can travel for business or leisure.

Some organizations rent wheelchairs, scooters, oxygen, and audio and visual equipment to cruise lines, hotels, theme parks, and individuals who want to travel all over the world. They make it possible for people with disabilities to travel without having to worry about anything.

The Open Doors Organization is committed to a similar thing. They help the transportation and hospitality industries serve people with disabilities through research and training.

These organizations help the hospitality industry realize that everything from the placement of door handles to the similar shape of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion bottles can prove to be a challenge to some people. Often, it all comes down to whether hotel bathrooms are accessible enough for people to decide to travel.

Sometimes a hotel will have certain accessibilities but not others. Hotels are not just catering to people with nonambulatory disabilities either. Many hotels now cater to families who have autistic children.

Cruises Are Very Popular For Some

Open Doors Organization says that 12 percent of Americans who have disabilities have taken a cruise in the last two years. Cruises have become one of the most popular forms of vacation with people who have disabilities.

Most ships sailing the world today have been built after 1990, so they have been regulated by the ADA. Some newer ships are going above and beyond to be as inclusive as ever. They offer everything you could possibly need, from roll-in showers, lifts into the pools and whirlpools, and even Braille menus.

No matter what you need to get to where you want to go, there's guaranteed assistance through the whole process. Traveling is scary for everyone, but people with disabilities shouldn't have to hold back because it isn't impossible.

he first thing you need to do is decide where you want to go, find a travel advisor well-versed in accessibility and special needs travel, and ask her what options are best for you and your family.

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