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10 Gifts For The Traveler on Your List

Just a heads-up: links in this article may be affiliate links. Clicking them will definitely get me a metaphorical high-five, and may also get me a couple dollars. Thanks for that.

Getting a gift just right for an avid traveler can be as exhilarating as planning the perfect itinerary. As a travel advisor, I understand the nuanced desires of those with a passion for exploration.  

Not one of these is going to be a Jelly of the Month Club.

From cozy at-home comforts to indispensable in-destination companions, each suggestion is a compass needle pointing toward thoughtful and pragmatic gifts that enhance the travel experience.

Join me on this expedition through the realm of travel-centric treasures, and let the joy of giving become an adventure in itself.

Navigating the Holidays: A Travel Advisor's Ultimate Gift Guide for Jet-Setting Enthusiasts

There are so many moving parts to a journey! I thought it prudent to split up the different stages. The following are only suggestions- if this sparks an even bigger idea in your mind, I have something for you at the very end!


At Home: Cultivating Wanderlust Before Takeoff

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Some of the absolute best parts of planning a journey are the anticipation and preparation before you leave.

The anticipation leading up to a journey adds an element of thrill and excitement. Getting all giddy about a trip is like having a mental party before the actual fun kicks in – it's the best! The prep phase, with its mix of googling, list-making, and packing shenanigans, is like the warm-up dance for your journey, getting you pumped and ready. It's not just about avoiding travel hiccups; it's your backstage pass to feeling like the travel rockstar you are.

In the cozy confines of your home, every coin becomes a stepping stone toward your next adventure. Designate an intention for the fund: a piece of jewelry, a Michelin-starred meal, an elevated experience, or even a tzedakah box for donation. This is a great way to anticipate your next adventure.

As the holiday season unfolds, gift the avid traveler in your life a ticket to far-off lands through the power of words. My mom used to say that libraries are full of gateways to adventure- delve into captivating books that ignite the wanderlust flame.

This is a great place to break some exciting news on the horizon – stay tuned for the launch of the Chapter and Compass Book Club in March 2024! A literary adventure awaits, promising a communal exploration of the world's tales and travels. Each month, we'll read a book that inspires a particular journey; some stories will be from people who have already made that journey, some stories will be about travel in general, and some stories will get your mind ready to experience another culture. To get started on book club books, I've compiled a list of some upcoming titles. Feel free to recommend a book, too!


Packing and Flying: Elevating the Art of Travel Preparation

Every list article for travelers you're going to read across the entire internet will have largely the same stuff in this section- so I'll just tell you what I personally use and why I like it.

Man, I really rocked Tetris on my Nokia phone- and my suitcase packing reflects that skillset. Packing cubes are essential for getting everything you need in the smallest bag possible. Make sure you get ones with heavy-duty zippers, and they should have compression also. I'm an unpacker when I arrive in destination, and I just take the whole cube out, unzip it, and place it in the drawer. It's fast and my clothes don't have to sit in this drawer that I'm not in charge of cleaning!

Bid farewell to the stress of unexpected luggage fees with a reliable bag scale. It's the travel companion that ensures your suitcase stays within airline weight limits, sparing you from last-minute rearrangements at the check-in counter. You don't need one that's NIST-traceable, but it should be reliable and trustworthy! If I'm booking your air, you'll have the weight limits for your bags handy- don't be surprised at the airport.

Say goodbye to messy toiletries and hello to Peak Design's chic wash pouches. I use both of these bags every time I travel. There's a certain charm in the thoughtful design that seamlessly marries functionality and style. These bags, with their well-considered compartments and durable build, have become my reliable travel companions.

It's not just about keeping things in order; it's about the ease they bring to my journey. They stay open nicely on the bathroom counter, and the weatherproof materials add a touch of sophistication without sacrificing practicality. And, most importantly, all of the pockets can be turned inside out for cleaning.

Long flights can take a toll on your legs, but compression socks are here to save the day. I almost always land with puffy ankles. Part of that is hydration- but some of it is gravity! Keep your circulation in check and your feet happy as you jet set around the globe. These are light compression only, which is usually adequate for me- check with your doctor if you think your needs will vary.


In Destination: Safety and Style Unleashed

Upgrade your accessory game with travel scarves that not only keep you warm but also come with hidden pockets for stashing essentials. It's the perfect blend of fashion and function for the savvy traveler. I took these with me to Israel and it was easy and comfortable to keep my passport photocopy and visa, as well as some emergency shekels, in a hidden location. I even knew where the zipper was and couldn't tell- so if your wardrobe usually has scarves in it, give these a try. I've got 5 or 6 by now, and at least one is packed for every adventure.

Makhtesh Ramon action shot! I was *very* high up and this was way outside my comfort zone.


For Posterity: Capturing Memories That Last a Lifetime

Embrace the timeless tradition of journaling your travels with a dedicated travel journal. Every page becomes a canvas for your memories, capturing the essence of each destination. When I consult with a new traveler, I always ask them to set an intention for their journey- what they want to take home from their trip and carry around with them as they go through life.

A travel journal is a great way to record thoughts and packing lists ahead of time, impressions whilst in-destination, and meditations on the experience afterward. My friend Matt (Hi Matt!) is a big fan of the tried-and-true Moleskine field notes for on-the-go writing. I like a traveler's notebook that has a protective cover and interior books that can be swapped out or carried separately.

If you'd like a more guided journaling experience, I recommend the Transformational Travel Journal. I had the great experience of talking at length with Jake Haupert of the Transformational Travel Council about how travel is more than just sightseeing- it can change you, if you let it, so be intentional about what you change, both within yourself and in the world.

Turn your travels into wearable art with the Wander Club chain. Each engraved token represents a destination visited, creating a stylish and meaningful accessory that tells the story of your adventures. It's a really fun way to chronicle countries, continents, rivers, US States, National Parks, even Major League ballparks with a physical, tangible reminder of ALL the places you've been. My partner and I each have our own. There's a lot of overlap, but he's been places I haven't (China) and I've been places he hasn't (Iraq) so they're still unique. I've even gifted these to some travelers as keepsakes for a Very Important Journey that was the start of something bigger. They're even engraveable now... I think I'm going to get "Silencio!" on the back of my Vatican City token... iykyk...

Transform your living space into a visual journey with a scratch-off wall map. Every destination scratched off is a lottery ticket of memories, showcasing the places you've explored and inspiring future adventures. If you're like me and your goal is to go everywhere, this is a great visual representation of where you've been and what still needs planning.

If you're looking for something a little more "over the living room sofa," this wooden wall map is gorgeous. The add-on flag push pins can be a subtle indicator of where you've been and a great way to start conversations! Plus, when you're deciding where to go next, you can just close your eyes, spin around 3 times, and point... and then call me and tell me where!


Still not inspired?

If, even after all of these gift ideas, you still don't know what to give the traveller on your list, don't worry. I've got you.

The hands-down best thing you can give a traveller is...

Wait for it... TRAVEL.

Give the gift of hassle-free wanderlust with a travel advisor planning fee gift card. Elevate the joy of travel for your loved ones by providing them with the expertise of a seasoned professional who can craft bespoke itineraries, ensuring every journey is a seamless and personalized adventure. With a travel advisor planning fee gift card, you're not just gifting a trip; you're giving the invaluable present of stress-free exploration and unforgettable experiences. For a limited time, Better Kate Than Never Adventures is offering gift cards in five fixed denominations that correspond to the fees required for different travel packages.

As the holiday season approaches, these carefully curated gifts are sure to delight the travel enthusiasts in your life. From the comfort of home to the thrill of exploration and the preservation of memories, each gift is a testament to the joy of travel. Save this list for use through the year- unbirthdays, half-birthdays, retirement parties, wedding gifts, quinces, engagements, even Earth Day! Happy gifting and even happier travels!

You can also remind them of other resources you have on your website as well as paid services or events that you offer. Don’t be shy. They may have more questions after reading (or in the future). Invite them to leave comments below the post so they stay engaged.


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